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Offer Acid Black 234 For Leather

Short Description:

Product Name:Acid Black N-BG
CAS NO. 157577-99-6
Molecular Formula:C34H26N10Na2O9S3
Molecular Weight:860.8

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Synonyms:2,7-Naphthalenedisulfonic acid, 4-amino-3-(2-(4-(((4-(2-(2,4-diaminophenyl)diazenyl)phenyl)sulfonyl)amino)phenyl)diazenyl)-5-hydroxy-6-(2-phenyldiazenyl)-, sodium salt (1:2); 2,7-Naphthalenedisulfonic acid, 4-amino-3-((4-(((4-((2,4-diaminophenyl)azo)phenyl)sulfonyl)amino)phenyl)azo)-5-hydroxy-6-(phenylazo)-, disodium salt;Coriamine Black NB-G;Dynacid Black 2N.

Appearance:Black powder


Item Description
Name Acid Black N-BG
Color Index No. C.I.NO. ACID BLACK 234
Chemical Family Acid dyes
Apearance Black powder
Shade similar to standard
Tinting strength 200+/-5
Moisture 5% max.
Insoluble matter 0.5% max.
Solubility(90℃)(g/L) 60 min.

Application:It is mainly used for dyeing wool, silk, cotton and viscose, and also for coloring leather.
Quality guarantee period: 36 months.
Packing: 25kgs paper carton.
Storage:Store in a cool and ventilated room and prevent moisture and heat.

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